Ash-less Premium AW Synthetic

Xcel Ash-less Premium AW Synthetic Hydraulic Oils use full synthetic base stocks coupled with a robust ash- less additive system to form a superior multipurpose antiwear hydraulic fluid. These oils are designed for use in hydraulic systems, compressors, circulating/bearing applications and turbine applications, where either EP or non-EP use is indicated. They contain EP agents and chemical components to control wear, oxidation, sludge, corrosion, foaming, and to promote water separation. These oils are formulated to lubricate hydraulic systems which require wear protection, rust protection, and antioxidancy. The product is specifically formulated to provide robust pump and filtration performance in excess of 8,000 hours, even in the presence of incidental water contamination. Xcel Ash-less Premium AW Synthetic Hydraulic oils are formulated to exceed the requirements of all main pump, filter and control valve OEMs who have hydraulic lubricant specifications. These oils provide protection to hydraulic systems employing vane, gear and other types of pumps that require antiwear (boundary-type) protection.

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