Functional Fluids

Xcel Power Steering Fluid is a high quality formulation using highly refined base oils and select additives to provide year-round smooth and reliable performance. It provides optimum protection and service in power steering systems of both foreign and domestic vehicles. This fluid helps to control seal swelling and protects pump parts against wear while providing the proper frictional properties for optimum performance. It is designed to protect against wear, oxidation and corrosion as well as protecting against foaming, clogging and rust. It will not harm rubber hoses and stops power steering squeaks. This product is blended to mix with original equipment fluids. Some automobile manufacturers recommend use of power transmission-type fluids, such as DEXRON® III, MERCON®, and Type F. Check the owner’s manual for correct fluid type.

Xcel Brake Fluids DOT 3 and DOT 4 perform a variety of very important functions in the braking systems. They transmit the required power, minimize corrosion, lubricate, control proper seal swelling, and operate over a wide temperature range. Xcel DOT 3 Premium Brake Fluid meets or exceeds the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 116 DOT 3, SAE J1703 and ISO 4925. DOT 3 Brake Fluid features a minimum boiling point (ERBP) of 450 F, and helps prevent corrosion, improve seal life and properties, and controls viscosity over a wide temperature range. Application is any system which uses DOT 3 brake fluid. Xcel DOT 4 Premium Brake Fluid meets or exceeds the requirements of FMVSS 116 DOT 4, SAE J1703, and ISO 4925. DOT 4 Brake Fluid has a minimum boiling point (ERBP) of 475 F. This fluid controls corrosion inhibitors and maintains proper seal longevity and performance. The DOT 4 fluid provides service over a very wide temperature range and is an enhanced fluid over the DOT 3 level and may be used wherever DOT 3 or Dot 4 fluids are recommended.

Xcel Premium Antifreeze and Summer Coolant is a full strength ethylene glycol based antifreeze/coolant for all gasoline and diesel engine coolant systems, both passenger car and heavy- duty diesel applications. This product inhibits corrosion and scale build-up on all parts including aluminum. It helps prevent freeze-up in winter and boil over in summer high heat conditions. It is compatible with commonly used hose and gasket materials. Xcel Antifreeze and Summer Coolant is formulated to meet or exceed the following specifications: Ford ESE-M97B44A/B; Cummins 90T8-4; Mack; Chrysler MS-7170; Detroit Diesel 7SE298; GM 1825M and GM 1899M; Kenworth R026-170- 97; Peterbilt 8502.002; Freightliner 48-22880; White/GMC; ASTM D-3306, D-4985, D-4340; SAE J814, J1034, J1941; and Maintenance Council of American Trucking Association (ATA) RP 302B. Available in full strength or 50/50 prediluted, ready to use, versions meeting the same specifications.

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