Outboard & 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3® RL engine oil

Xcel Outboard & 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3® RL engine oil provides the highest level of protection for high performance, high horsepower, two cycle marine engines. This oil is certified NMMA (BIA) and it is formulated to combat wear, scuffing and deposits. It is truly a high-temperature oxidation resistant oil which protects against corrosion, ensures cleanliness, and provides lubricity for long engine life. This is an ash-less formulation that prevents carbon deposit build-up on engine parts, and protects against ring sticking. It is certified RL which means it has high film strength for improved lubricity that results in increased engine efficiency, reduced bearing wear and cleaner emissions with less smoke. Xcel Outboard & 2-Cycle TC-W 3® RL oil is recommended for all water cooled two cycle engines, including the performance demands of Mercury, OMC Johnson/Evinrude, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and many other engines requiring NMMA TC-W 3, TC-W 2, or TC-W type oils. These oils may be used in other air-cooled and water-cooled applications, such as snowmobiles, personal water craft, jet skis, lawn mowers, snow blowers, all-terrain vehicles and many others requiring API service category TC.

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