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Xcel Water/Glycol Fire Resistant Fluid is a fully formulated water/glycol hydraulic fluid which contains a special anti-wear package and other additives to prevent ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion. It will also provide vapor phase corrosion protection and reserve alkalinity. This is a premium water/glycol type of fire-resistant fluid designed to provide optimum performance in hydraulic systems. Xcel Water/Glycol Fire Resistant Fluid is formulated to provide excellent service over a wide range of operating conditions. In addition to its excellent fire-resistant properties, this fluid contains additive chemistry which imparts antiwear properties, lubricity, corrosion protection, form inhibition, and overall performance demanded by today’s high-performance hydraulic systems. This achieved through a diethylene-glycol based water mixture. Xcel Water/Glycol Fire Resistant Fluid is suitable for use in most hydraulic applications and where the following are called for or referenced:

  • Factory Mutual
  • US Steel 171
  • Vickers 104C Vane Pump Test, ASTM D 2882, result < 50 mg total wear.
  • Four Ball Wear, ASTM D 2266, < 0.7 mm.

Xcel Transformer Oil is an insulating oil of very high dielectric strength, suited for transformers in both large sub-stations and small pole mounted transformers. It is also suited for circuit breakers, switches and other oil immersed electrical equipment. Xcel Transformer Oil is suitable for applications where the following are called for or referenced:

  • ASTM D 3487typeII(oxidation inhibited
  • Westinghouse PDS 55822AG
  • Does not contain PCB’s

Xcel Form Oil is a multipurpose mold release oil primarily used to ease the release of concrete mold materials. This oil contains special mold release agents to enhance the separation, release, and clean up of metal, wood, plastics or other types of forms. Xcel Form Oil is a low viscosity formulation which is colorless, odorless, and may be sprayed without dilution. The benefits include the following: excellent release characteristics from the poured material; reduces buildup on forms; is non-staining; and is easy to apply in all types of weather temperatures.

Xcel Sugarmill Lubricant was developed to lubricate the large, wet, slow moving gears of cane crushers used in the sugar industry. This is a very wet environment where the gears are constantly sprayed with water to remove dust and fly material from the open gear teeth. This lubricant maintains high film strength and tenacious coating on the gears to minimize wear under the severe loads and shock loading encountered in this type of operation. These lubricants are designed for use on heavily loaded, slow speed gears, journal bearings, and couplings and was developed for use in heavily loaded journal bearings in sugar mills. They have been proven to perform equally well in ball and grinding mill girth gears and similar applications. These lubricants are tenacious, high viscosity, extreme pressure lubricants. The best performance is exemplified by reliability because the high film strength withstands heavy shock loads and provides protection under boundary lubrication to minimize wear and prevent failure under heavy loads. Timken OK load assure low wear rate even under high load conditions. Outstanding water resistance reduces water washout when operating in wet conditions, and they perform well in either a wet or dry environments.

Xcel Premium Bar and Chain Oil is made from special base oils and engineered to improve lubrication, rust protection, anti-wear characteristics and oxidation resistance over a wide range of temperatures. This product contains special anti-wear and tackiness agents to improve chain and bar life and control oil “sling”. It is recommended for use in all chain saws using either hand-operated or automatic chain-oilers to lubricate the chain, bar and sprocket.

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