Synthetic Blend

Xcel Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are formulated with new and more robust engine oil chemistry combined with an optimum level of high quality synthetic and first quality mineral base stocks to provide outstanding engine protection for severe driving situations, including high-stress competition engine applications. Xcel Synthetic Blend Motor Oils offer superior engine protection for both gasoline and diesel engines – even those that are turbo-charged or super-charged. These high performance motor oils are engineered and formulated to meet API SN/CF – ILSAC GF-5 and meets most European ACEA specifications. These oils are also formulated to exceed the standard for the Thermal Engine Oil Stability Test (TEOST MHT) and the Ford M2C 930-A, which supersedes M2C153-H requirements. These high quality motor oils also help to provide better emission control, increased fuel economy and reduced engine wear and piston deposits. They are designed to lubricate and protect well outside of the range of conventional motor oils and are compatible with a variety of different fuels including competition fuels. Week in and week out Xcel Synthetic Blend Motor Oils withstand the brutal pounding of professional top fuel racing. These high performance motor oils exceed the stringent lubricating performance requirements of American, European, Korean, Japanese and other worldwide engine manufacturers.

Xcel Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are available in the following grades:
SAE 5W-20, SAE 5W-30, SAE 5W-40, SAE 10W-40, SAE 15W-50

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