X-treme 4T and 4T Plus Motorcycle Oil

Xcel X-treme 4T and 4T Plus Motorcycle Oil * is designed to provide wear protection, sludge and varnish protection, and thermal stability for superior performance in four-cycle motorcycle applications. Blended with high-quality base stocks and performance chemistry, the Xcel 4T is formulated for superior operation in high-reving, high-temperature motorcycle engines and is blended to give superior performance in those engines and transmissions that have a common sump and require specialized frictional characteristics for clutches and wet brakes. Available in SAE 10W40, meets or exceeds API SG and JASO MA, and SAE 15W40 & 20W50 API SN and Jaso MA.
* Xcel recommends Xcel Synthetic Blend 20W50 for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

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